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Dektry team provides innovative web & mobile
development services.
We are here to turn your wonderful ideas into life!



Dektry team provides innovative web & mobile
development services.
We are here to turn your wonderful ideas into life!


We have come a long way and we are proud of it.
We have been working as a dedicated and well-coordinated team for 5 years
Since 2016, we have completed over 100 projects together. Starting from landing pages and going all the way to real-time trading platforms
We are a coherent team of 25. Among us are web developers, mobile developers, designer and QA
Our experience spans across 5 years of web and mobile development. Throughout the years we have gained a diverse client base


Our values are flexibility, high quality and process effectiveness. We transfer them while developing top-notch projects.
win-win business relationships
With all our clients our focus is always on creating win-win business relationships.
high quality projects
While working on each project, we always keep the balance between perfectionism and rationality.
methodological processes
Depending on the type and the size of a project, we adjust to appropriate development methodologies: SCRUM, Kanban, Waterfall and others.


Dektry team is ready to provide full-cycle software development services including web and mobile application development.
Web development
We build top-notch web apps for solving the most complicated challenges of our customers.
Our solutions are innovative, engaging and secure.

For delivering bespoke web applications we use the following technologies:
React.js / Next.js / Javascript / TypeScript / HTML5 / CSS / SASS
Node.js / Express.js / Nest.js
Mobile development
We provide mobile development services by using cutting-edge technologies such as Swift for native IOS development and React Native for hybrid development.
Custom Software development
We design, develop, deploy and maintain software for a specific set of customers. Building custom software solutions requires profound expertise and clear understanding of the client's business. Custom software provides flexibility, minimizes security risks and increases revenue.

We cover the following stages:

⚫️ We create functional and technical specifications of software functionality.

⚫️ We develop clickable prototypes for you to envision how the software will look and work.

⚫️ After your approval, the development process starts.

⚫️ We test the functionality, find and fix all bugs until the product reaches the required quality standards.

⚫️ After your final approval, your software goes live.
MVP app development
MVP (or minimum viable product) is the first version of a new product containing the core features needed to solve your users' problem and provide immediate value while minimizing development costs.

We develop an MVP starting from identifying target audience and defining the minimum MVP functionality, going through the all MVP development cycle finishing with app publishing.


We use cutting-edge technologies for the implementation of projects of any scale and complexity level.
In our blog we share our profound experience, find answers to the most difficult questions and show the latest trends in the world of technology.
I am here to turn your wonderful ideas into effective solutions
Anastasia Shevchuk
Business Development Manager